Friday, January 18, 2008

It's over! Well, not really.

Talk about leaving things to the last minute! Today is the deadline for completing the 23 Things, and here I am scooting in at the last possible moment. The title of this post is "It's over! Well, not really." because the official 23 Things program is complete for me, but I feel like I have learned so many things over the course of these last few months that I will continue to learn for many, many months to come. This program has been a great success for me personally, and the library system as a whole. I am happy to have completed the program on time and it makes me smile when I hear other staff persons talking about Flickr or Delicious in everyday conversation. I think even those of us who grumbled about having 23 new projects to work on have learned at least a small something that will help them both professionally and personally. I look forward to more Learning 2.0! Learning 3.0?

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