Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week 6 - Rollyo

I've started playing with Rollyo. I've heard much about it, but have never used. I somehow never found the occasion when I thought it would be helpful. Now I've done a search using someone else's food and dining search. I searched for lobster mushrooms, and the top search results seem to be recipes from epicurious. Now I like epicurious a lot, but this search wasn't really helpful because I would have just gone straight to their site if I had wanted lobster mushroom recipes and the search results would have been much easier to read with ratings and pictures.
So I've decided to do my own search to see if I can out roll a popular rollyo-er.

Hmm. What interests me?

I love my dog.

Dogs! A popular search!

I add five or so dog-related sites to my search, then create my search, then I search.

I type, "husky."

And... it takes what seems like forever, then...

Excellent! I get a variety of results from the American Kennel Club, Dogster, DogChannel, and a variety of sponsored links (which are NOT helpful). My search results are exactly what I was hoping for, though!

Here's my search: http://rollyo.com/search.html?q=husky&sid=325373

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